Dormant Cave
with Nicolas Peltzer, space-nowhere, Seoul.

 <Dormant Cave>, a two-person show by artists Sungseok Ahn and Nicolas Pelzer. The artists share a common interest in how the current era of digital information alters our physical environment and its materiality. For the show at Space Nowhere Ahn and Pelzer present new works which fantasize with the idea of current forms of cave life: That has become a kind of space for excessive wired cultures. The structure of those isolated yet mediated spheres direct the bodies to its inside like an anonymous cave. Generating different facets of the recent development in intelligent realities, the artists combine certain impressions of the primitive.

Literally <Dormant Cave> is way down hole of state that has fallen asleep. As environmentally word metaphorically represents our status, these words mean server or cloud, synapses in neural connections connect between neurons and memory.