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Selected exhitibions

Sungseok AHN
1985 born in Suwon (Lives and works in Suwon and Seoul)

Selected solo shows and projects
2013 [Open path], Work On Work office, Seoul, Korea.
2012 [Infinity and beyond], Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea.
2010 [historic present], Gallery illum, Selected Emerging Artists Monthly Photoart, Seoul, Korea.
2009 [historic present] "SEMA - Selected EMerging Artists", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea,

Selected group shows and projects
2016 [경기유망작가 생생화화 - 신진 : 열네 개의 시선], 고양아람누리 아람미술관, 고양, 한국
2016 [경기사진축제전], 굿모닝 하우스, 수원, 한국
2016 [Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence], Suwon Ipark Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea.
2016 [Asian Express], Daegu Photo biennale2016, Daegu, Korea.
2016 [How to Travel Daily], Ilhyun Museum, Yangyang, Korea.
2016 [Dormant Cave], Space-Nowhere, Seoul, Korea.
2016 [Hybrid_New Vision], The Cheong-ju Art Studio, Chong-ju, Korea.
2016 [Zeitgeist: 非-Psychedelic Art; Blue], Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul, Korea.
2016 [Made in Seoul], Centre art contemporain Meymac, Meymac, France.
2016 [The Kitchen], GCC, ANSAN, KOREA.
2016 [SEOUL BABEL], Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KOREA.
2015 [Functional Guide between bridge and water]_[WAVEWAVE no.1]_Han river, Seoul, KOREA.
2015 [Da Vinci Creative], Seoul art space Geum cheon, Seoul, KOREA
2015 [Umbrella and fan], Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, KOREA.
2014 [Seoul photo festival 2014], Seoul Museum of History, Seoul, Korea.
2014 [China international Jinan photo biennale], Jinan art museum, Shandong Jinan, China.
2014 [The external angle of the cosmos], Seoul grand park camp site, Seoul, Korea.
2014 [Seoul Lunar photo festival] Boan inn-Gyeongbokgung palace, Seoul, Korea.
2014 [TIME MACHINE], artience Daejeon , Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Daejeon, Korea. Exhibition
2014 [OBSCURA Festival],The Whiteaways Arcade, Malaysia.
2014 [Basically. Forever], Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan.
2014 [Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition], Somerset House , London, U.K.
2014 [Young Portfolio Acquisitions 2013], the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
2013 [Modernity and Technology], Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea.Exhibition
2013 [Play Ground] Korea national University of Arts, Seoul, Korea.2012 [Encounter] 4th Dae-gu Photo Biennale, Dae-gu, Korea
2012 [Above Your Head, Below Their Feet], The 12th Seoul International NeMaf, Seoul, Korea.
2012 [Black Out], Seoul University outdoor swimming pool, Seoul, Korea.
2012 [Is there Bugun-dang in Itaewon?], ccull pool, Seoul, Korea. Exhibition
2012 [Mural Installation at 18th Street Arts Center], Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A.
2011 [Video+Cast] , Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
2011 [Exploration of the city], Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea.
2010 [Frame, Frame], Dongduk-art gallery, Seoul.
2010 [Memoir of a Place], Reviving the Memories, Gallery Space VM , Seoul.
2009 [The 5th Lianzhou International Photo festival] , China.

2014 Sony World Photography AWARD in Architecture
2011 ASEAN-KOREAN CENTRE , Represent of Korean Artist.
2010 Dae-gu Photo Biennale brilliant portfolio review.
2009 "SEMA - Selected EMerging Artists", Seoul Museum of Art.
Selected Emerging Artists, Monthly Photoart.
Ilhyun Museum Travel Grant Winner.

2015 Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, Korea.
2014-15 Studio AIR 2014, Berlin, Germany
2013 Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Daejeon, Korea.
2011-12 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, U.S.A

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts
Suwon Hwaseong museeum
National museum of modern and contemporary ART